Senior Democrat ‘hot mic’ says GOP foot-dragging will force fast-track process for infrastructure

Buttigieg said he was “pretty process-agnostic. We just want it to work, and get through,” but that he’s “all ears” as lawmakers on the Hill are trying to figure out the sequence and pieces of legislation.

The timing: “We’ve got a clock on everything we’re doing, especially because the present surface reauthorization is up in September,” Buttigieg told reporters during the event.

“We’re not waiting until September in order to act. Conversations are taking place right now as you’ve seen, Oval Office meetings with the president, leaders from both parties and both Houses.”

The DOT head demurred on a specific timeline when asked if the plan would be unveiled in March. “I’ll let the president lead on the legislative priorities and sequencing but … these conversations are very much live,” he said.