Arizona Democratic Party censures Sinema over voting rights stance

“I want to be clear, the Arizona Democratic Party is a diverse coalition with plenty of room for policy disagreements, however on the matter of the filibuster and the urgency to protect voting rights, we have been crystal clear,” ADP Chair Raquel Terán said in a statement following the decision.

“In the choice between an archaic legislative norm and protecting Arizonans’ right to vote, we choose the latter, and we always will,” Terán continued, adding that Arizona Republicans are in the midst of trying to “push restrictive legislation” that would make it harder to vote.

Sinema has noted that she supports voting rights, but does not support changing the filibuster rules. In a statement on Saturday afternoon, a Sinema spokesperson highlighted the senator’s dedication to bipartisanship in Congress.

“During three terms in the U.S. House, and now in the Senate, Kyrsten has always promised Arizonans she would be an independent voice for the state — not for either political party,” the spokesperson told POLITICO. “She’s delivered for Arizonans and has always been honest about where she stands.”

Sinema is up for reelection in 2024. Gallego’s House speech drummed up discussion that he could be a possible primary challenger, and one political action committee, the Primary Sinema PAC, is entirely dedicated to pushing the senator out.

Zach Montellaro contributed to this report.