AOC’s advice to Joe Biden on the debt limit showdown

And they had easy access to the White House with Ron Klain as Biden’s chief of staff.

Now they are in the minority and far from the negotiating room where Joe Biden is trying to make a budget deal with Kevin McCarthy to get him to raise the debt ceiling. Their main fight is trying to stop the president from caving to McCarthy on what they view as draconian budget cuts and policies that would weaken the social safety net.

And over at the White House, it’s not really clear who they should call anymore.

AOC is keenly aware of these changed circumstances. She’s been carefully watching the debt limit debate play out and she has a clear view of what it’s all about: power, not policy.

In this episode of Playbook Deep Dive, Rep. Ocasio-Cortez tells host and Playbook co-author Ryan Lizza how House progressives can flex their muscles right now; and how she’s learned to use her unique influence to affect legislation, even when she’s not at the table.

Finally, she has some advice – and a warning – for Joe Biden as we approach the endgame of the debt limit.