Obama AG Eric Holder blasts special counsel’s report

In the
report released Thursday
, Hur stated that Biden couldn’t recall when his son Beau died and said a jury would be sympathetic to Biden, who was described as a “well-meaning, elderly man with a poor memory.”

Biden Thursday night
defended his mental capacity for the job
and insisted that his memory is fine.

“I’m well-meaning, and I’m an elderly man, and I know what the hell I’m doing. I’ve been president and I put this country back on its feet,” he said during a press conference.

Holder was one of several former Obama administration officials speaking out against the comments on Biden’s “poor” memory contained in the report.

Tommy Vietor, a former Obama White House aide who now co-hosts Pod Save America,
said the report was filled
with “ad hominem attacks” and was “just a right-wing hit job from within Biden’s own DOJ.”

“Hur, a lifelong Republican and creature of DC, didn’t have a case against Biden, but he knew exactly how his swipes could hurt Biden politically,”
said Jim Messina
, Barack Obama’s 2012 campaign manager.