Trump: Executive order on pre-existing conditions is ‘a signal’

Meanwhile, voters rocked by the pandemic and the loss of tens of millions of jobs are increasingly supportive of strengthening the government’s safety net. Missouri last week became the sixth Republican-led state to defy GOP leaders and approve Medicaid expansion for some of its poorest adults,

What’s next: Trump could take yet more actions with Congress unable to reach a deal that could help the millions of Americans who are unemployed and facing evictions.

But Democrats are hitting Trump hard on health care in the final months of the 2020 campaign, both for his response to the pandemic and for policies like a payroll tax deferral they contend will weaken Medicare and other entitlement programs.

Trump’s tacit acknowledgment the prospective executive order was little more than messaging could intensify Democratic efforts to portray the president and GOP as not being serious about having a fallback to the 2010 health law.